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The BigSukkah kit employs heavy-duty steel braces and standard length 2x4s and 2x2s to construct a sturdy, reusable sukkah frame measuring from 16x16ft to 16x40ft.
The only tool required is a Phillips head screwdriver.

The kit contains a step-by-step assembly guide and all the braces and self-drilling screws necessary for the project.  You purchase the lumber locally using the "shopping list" included in the assembly guide. Walls can be fabricated from 4x8 wood lattice panels, sheets of plywood, or rolls of natural or synthetic fabric. Our attractive, economical windscreen, "SukkahScreen," is also available to fit the BigSukkah kits. SukkahScreen is made from woven polypropylene with reinforced edges and brass grommets, and comes with elastic bungee loops for quick attachment to the sukkah frame.

Assembly of the BigSukkah is geared for a group of 3 or 4 workers, who can complete the initial erection in about 3-5 hours. After this, disassembly and reassembly goes quickly, as most of the braces are left in place permanently. The disassembled boards nest together in a compact bundle for storage.

Kit  Dinner Seating Kit Price Est. Lumber Cost 
16 x 16  24 - 28+ $ 154.00 $ 117.00
24 x 16  36 - 40+ $ 198.00 $ 167.00
32 x 16 48 - 54+ $ 264.00 $ 227.00
40 x 16 60 - 70+ $ 320.00  $ 280.00

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