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Dear Steve,

Thanks once again for such a beautiful service to our community and such a wonderful product. I have built several of your wood and steel frame sukkot in the past, and knew how easy they are to assemble. With the right team in place, we set up a 24x36 sukkah with roof in under two hours. I especially love the new bamboo roofing poles! Attached to this e-mail are some photos of our sukkah, complete with a giant palm tree growing out of the middle. We held Erev Sukkot services in it, and had over 230 people attend. As you can see, we had to have �overflow� seating.Thanks again for a fantastic sukkah!

Rabbi Daniel Treiser
Temple B'nai Israel
Clearwater, FL

For my 50th birthday when my family asked me what I wanted this year it was easy: A Sukkah! And so we found you, and your Sukkah found its way to our wooded home in Skillman. This was our very first time having a Sukkah, and it was memorable. We can't wait to enjoy it again next year! The assembly was a cinch, and we are a bit technically "challenged". We enjoyed eating in it, working in it, and entertaining in it. It's WONDERFUL! You sent all the right parts, the decorations are lovely, we found Jewish lights, and all kinds of arts & crafts made by our 6-year old daughter, Eliza, which added the final personal touches.

Chag Sameach from The Aretz Family

Now that Sukkot has ended, I wanted to thank you for the excellent sukkah kit your firm provided. It arrived in Singapore by Federal Express within a week and proved easy to assemble and disassemble. From the time of opening the first box, four of us were able, with a ladder, to assemble it in less than 90 minutes (with another 30 minutes for adding s'chach and decorations). Disassembly took three of us, again with a ladder, less than an hour, and the pieces stored easily, ready for use next year. The instructions were clear, and, in your words, klutz proof. Your sukkah enabled our congregation of about 100 households to enjoy Sukkot for the first time in many years, making possible a number of memorable events. I hope to send you some photos showing the full sukkah before long. Thank you for making the sukkah available to us.

Joshua Greene
United Hebrew Congregation (Singapore)

Dear Steve & Judith,

Thank you so much for making such a fantastic Sukkah!! This was our first year (ever) building a sukkah and we could not have been more pleased. Everything arrived on time, well packed and ready to go. The directions were simple and easy to understand and it was very easy for my husband and I to put together. Even my 5 ½ year old son was able to pitch in. My son has been so excited this whole week about eating in the sukkah and saying the blessings. I had no idea the joy and love that would be created by the simple act of building a sukkah. You both have helped to create a lifetime memory for us. Thank you for making it so easy for people to perform the mitzvot of Sukkot. Many, many thanks and continued success!

The Gordon Family
Las Vegas, Nevada



Hi Steve:

The Sucah is great, and it has been a great week so far. Please find attached the photo of The first Sucah Project product erected in Chile (Santiago).

Paul Zighelboim



Hi Steve,

We've been using the same sukkah kit for the past 11 years. And we also love your no pest fruit! Thanks for a great product!

Hag Sameach! Ronda in Connecticut

The sukkah was so easy to set up, is remarkably well-made and thoughtfully conceived, it folds up so small for storage. We are delighting in hosting friends and family within it. Thank you, thank you.

Rabbi Goldie Milgram,

7 years ago, in 2001, we purchased your kit for a 16 x 24 Sukkah for our Congregation. It was a custom set up as we needed 2 entrances, one in the middle of the 24ft long side and another in the corner on the opposite wall as that is against a doorway to the Synagogue. You provided us with all the right parts and it has worked ever since. Just looked at your website and noted that the kit for our structure has gone from our original $130 to only $150 in the 7 years. The screen went from $165 to just $180 And the best one is the s'chach which went from $384 to $384 (not a typo) That's fantastic! We are glad to see that you are still around, and wish you a belated L'SHANA TOVAH.

Lew G.
Freehold (NY) Jewish Center

Steve and Judith,
On behalf of everyone at Temple Israel in Westport, we want to thank you for helping to make our event, 60Sukkot, a wonderful success. We had a beautiful day and a huge turnout. Everyone was pleased with your products.
Westport, CT

I've been meaning to say thank you for the [Custom] sukkah. It was an absolutely perfect fit in a strangely-configured space, easy to put up and take down (even for a very not handy person like me), and, as I told everyone, it was engineered like a Toyota -- the pieces actually fit, the fasteners were precisely where they were supposed to be, there was nothing superfluous and nothing missing. This was my third sukkah "kit," and it was far and away the best. . . .

It really added to our chag to be able to host lots of guests. Thanks so much.
New Brunswick, NJ

Hi Steve and Judith,
We were so impressed by the Sukkah you sold us that I've decided it to share it with friends from our Boston sephardic Community.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Dear friends,
This year we had to build our own Sukkah (cool!!!!) so while I was looking around on the Web for good ideas and bargains I came upon this website and decided to buy one of their Tubular Sukkah Kit (with the S'chach)
I was a little suspicious initially because of the low price (check it for yourself) but as we built it up last Sunday, we realized how great it looks and how easy it was to setup. Seriously. Remember, I don't make any money out of this but I truly think that this is a real bargain for such a great Sukkah. I thought I'd just share it with you. Feel free to stop by our house to take a look and see it for yourself! I think they can rush your order in time for Sukkot next week.
Hag Sameah lekulam and G'mar Hatima tova.



We put our sukkah up today (my husband and I are in our 60's) with help from my son and his girlfriend. Since my son is the tallest of us, he did most of the work that required climbing on a ladder. We are delighted and can't wait to eat our first meal in it! Our biggest challenge now is, who are we going to invite to share this Mitzvah with!
Thanks for an excellent product!

Hi Steve and Judith,
The kit I ordered ridiculously late was, in fact, delivered by FedEx
in time for me to assemble and raise a lovely sukkah on Sunday. My wife and kids are pleased and so are the friends who will be joining us for Shabbat dinner this week in the sukkah So, I thank you for a great kit, an amazing delivery time, and a loverly sukkah.

Dear friends,
I just finished building our Sukkah. From start to finish, it took us (2 guys) one hour and 22 minutes. This year will be the 10th year we build our Sukkah using one of your kits. I thought you would like to know that after 10 years, the design and simple assembly process has gotten easier and we can do everything by heart. We have not looked at the instructions for many years now !

We thank you for allowing us to celebrate Sukkot in such a meaningful way, together with all our children (and granddaughter now... :-) and friends.
G. and R. B.
San Jose, Costa Rica


I am not given to correspond on complaints or issues, but I am compelled to do so now. I completed my sukkah construction a little while a go and I have to relate my surprise and glee as to how simple the process was. I am a skeptic. Your product really surprised me and I wanted to share this sentiment with you. Toda raba...and best wishes for a Happy Holiday season!
K. O.

I purchased and BUILT one of your succot for the first time this year, and I am pleased to confirm that it is klutz-proof. More importantly, the succah was beautiful, sturdy, and easy to take down and store. I just wanted to thank you for being so helpful and for doing such good work.

I want again to thank you very much for your thoughtful design of our new sukkah. It was fantastic. Throughout the holiday, I felt confident that it wasn't going to collapse, and the size was perfect for our needs.
Rabbi C.P.

I purchased your sukkot kit this year and it was wonderful! Easy to put together and take apart, beautiful to sit in. People all over the neighborhood commented on how lovely it was! Thank you!

We had a wonderful Sukkot using our new Easy Store that we bought from you. I was so thrilled with how easy it was to put up and take down and I did it all by myself in a fraction of the time it used to take
B. H.

I just wanted to thank you for making such a nice product. The sukkah was easy to construct and to deconstruct. I did it together with my 8 year old son and my 5 year old daughter--who believe it or not--helped immensely at both times. It took about an hour to build and 1/2 an hour to put away. We are a traditional family who send our children to Solomon Schechter. Well, the sukkah was a real point of pride for our children. And it was a nice reason to invite all types of people whom we irregularly see. If you need us for a referral, feel free to have others who might be reluctant contact us for encouragement.

Thank you. Based on our recommendation we had 4 families, and our Temple buy one of your sukkot this year. We love ours. Thank you so much. Your customer service is outstanding.

My husband and I bought your collapsible 8x8 succah for our Manhattan apartment (with limited storage) and are really happy with it. It was easy to put up and take down. I recommend you market it in NY where space is at a premium. I convinced my mother that she should get rid of her 20 year old, very heavy sukkah that we dread putting up.

This morning we took the "Big Sukkah" down. 16 x 24, it had gone up in under 3 hours on the first build (because I have an 8 x 12 sukkah and I understand the concept) and it came down in about an hour. We had 6 guys assembling and 4 disassembling. Everyone was amazed at how easy your kit and plans made things go. But more importantly, our congregants (and Rabbi) love it. It is roomy, but the wood and bamboo mat roof gave it a warm feeling that our old PVC pipe Sukkah sorely lacked. There was adequate space for 30 inside for the onegs we held in it and it survived two big rain/wind storms unscathed. (The vestiges of both Ivan and Jeanne rolled right through here.)

Thanks for the kit. It was so much more than I expected. You offer elegant engineering solutions, a simple and beautiful sukkah and a process that is easy to understand and complete. My kit included the steel structural supports, the windscreen curtain with grommets and bungee ties and the bamboo s'kach. All beautiful. All incredibly easy to use. With so little effort (and NO extra trips to the hardware or supply store to deal with the "oops, how do I get x to y" problem!) I was able to put together a booth that felt warm and inviting.

I bought the kit after the holiday last year and I spent the intervening 11 months staring at the box and roll wondering what I was going to discover. I can now say I discovered delight. I'm most struck by how thoughtfully you approached the problem of helping others build something simple but sturdy and how brilliantly you succeeded. With thanks from a very satisfied customer who is now passing your URL around her shul,

Thank you so much for making our Sukkot possible and wonderful!! We absolutely could not have made this possible without you. I would never have attempted to build a sukkah, if your website had not made it sound so easy. Thanks to you, our children will have memories to last a lifetime. We have a pool in our backyard, so I was concerned about having opaque walls. Thinking I wanted transparency, I went to the fabric store, and came up with this colorful option!! The photo is of our 2 month old enjoying the sukkah. Thank you for a lifetime of memories,
B. B.

Here are two photos of our sukkah after we set it up. We had a wonderful celebration and our friends loved the Sukkah! (Even some of our neighbors came over to marvel at it and learned a little bit about Sukkot). Thanks again for creating this kit!

Thank you Sukkah Project! This was the coolest thing my husband and I did together. Your directions were out of this world! My husband likes to read and I like to look at pictures and the directions had both. You made it easy for us to set this up completely in the dark! It was our first time building a Sukkah and you made this so easy. We are thrilled to have this as part of our family tradition. What a treat!

I just wanted to thank you for your website and kit. We purchased a kit last year, and the initial setup took longer than expected, this year we did the whole thing in less than one hour, it was a breeze. I am convinced that if everyone knew how easy your kits were to use our entire congregation would celebrate sukkot. Thanks again for a wonderful product.

Hello! I set up my new tubular sukkah yesterday, and it was a breeze! It's the perfect sukkah for those of us who are tool-deprived and basically lazy. :-) What could be easier -- just slot the poles in and hand-tighten! I'm definitely telling my friends about you.

Hope that this info will be helpful to others. I bought a new condo this year and anticipated some problems with my condo association approving my sukkah on the balcony. I spoke informally to a lawyer acquaintance before I talked to the association, and he said that some associations are getting nervous about disallowing them because of religious expression. So, I figured that I'd probably be able to do it eventually, even though [where I live] is an exceptionally non-Jewish area. I took a deep breath and called the guy from the board. I said that it was a temporary religious structure (stressing "temporary" and "religious"), and it was sort of like the "Jewish Thanksgiving" to celebrate the harvest. He asked me if it would stay within the balcony and I said that it would rise higher than the rails, but would stay within the dimensions of it. He said, "oh, that sounds just like Christmas decorations. There certainly wouldn't be any problem with that". So I didn't even have to go to a meeting to make my case. Hope that this will be useful information for anyone who, like me, was afraid that a condo assoc would give them real problems about it. I guess it's not strictly kosher since it's more than 9 inches off the ground, but I hope it still qualifies as maybe 80% of a mitzvah :-) And either way, it's a whole lot of fun.

We haven't finished decorating our sukkah yet, but we love it already. It really was incredibly easy to build! I'm attaching a few pictures of our two oldest kids "helping" to build the sukkah. They're so excited that we finally have one! Chag Sameach!

I just assembled the 10x12 frame you designed for me. It went up with no hitch at all. I thought you might want to add a last step to your frame assembly instructions. If the frame doesn't sit snug enough against the surface it's on, carefully release all the thumb screws. The frame settles to the surface contour and stays there when the thumb screws are re-tightened.

L'Shanah Tovah

I got all the parts and set up the sukkah late last night. It was easy to do and looks great. It also seems much sturdier than the Rube Goldberg sukkah we had in years past. Thanks.

Judith and Steve,
I just want to thank you very much for introducing us to your �dummy proof� sukkah. We�ve always wanted to have a sukkah, but had never gotten around to taking the steps to do something about it. I never imagined that I would buy a sukkah through the internet � but you made it so easy! We purchased the 8x8 tubular. My son and his friend assembled it and my husband and I took it down. It was a breeze. It was such a wonderful pleasure to eat Shabbat dinner the first night in our sukkah. Thank you so much for enabling this mitzvah.
Sarah B. Steinberg, Potomac, MD

I want to tell you how amazing your sukkah is. It was tough for my son to put up with me--we're totally klutzy and clueless on power tools. But it was wonderful; we learned. Thanks to our hurricane, we had lots of natural schach. We had a Lil Sukkah with SukkahScreen walls. My sukkah was a fraction of the price of a comparable "prefab," and during heavy winds on Chol ha'Moed, half the sukkahs in Baltimore came down. The prefabs literally went sailing down the street. Not yours. I hope to send you pictures of "The Lil' Sukkah that Stood!" Kol tuv and many, many thanks.
Eileen Burk, Baltimore Maryland

This was the first year we have had a Sukkah, and it was an amazing year. Las Vegas weather was perfect. Our Sukkah was not only easy to put together and take apart, but we had a ball decorating it. The banners we bought were beautiful, and we have decided to make it a tradition and purchase a new one each year. We have given a number of friends your information.
Julie Ostrovsky, Las Vegas, NV

This year, I put our [wood-frame] Sukkah up for the second time. It took less than 2 hours from start to finish with a little help from my 8 year old son. Your plan is well thought out and the instruction book is absolutely first rate. Our Sukkah was a great place to share Sukkot meals with friends and everyone who visits comments on how great it looks.
Dave Walker, DVM, Strafford, PA

PS. Our synagogue�s sukkah was all but ruined in a storm last week. I am lobbying to replace it with one of your Big Sukkahs next year.

Hi Steve,
We got the 32x32 sukkah up yesterday afternoon, and it looks GREAT! Thank you for your advice about what "prep work" to do beforehand. Having done that earlier, it went very smoothly with the kids. We had over 30 teens come to help (representing 4 Jewish youth groups), and they had a lot of fun! It was the first time some of them had ever built a sukkah, so it was really special to be able to give them that experience!
Raya Cantor Rzeszut, Levite Jewish Community Center, Birmingham, AL

Dear Judith and Steve,
I am writing to tell you how thrilled I am to have built my first sukkah, thanks to your fine product. Since my husband is out of town this week, I was on my own for this project. Though I am five and a half months pregnant, I was easily able to assemble most of the sukkah myself. Once I had to turn over the wall frames and raise the sukkah, my neighbor came over to help. Altogether, it took me three hours. The sukkah screen and bamboo mat look great and also help to make the project manageable.

You are performing a real mitzvah by designing an affordable sukkah that enables people with minimal construction skills and equipment to build a lovely sukkah. This year, and in the future, Sukkot will be a much more joyous and rich holiday for my family. For this, I thank you.
Rabbi Andrea Weiss, New York City

Thank you! THANK YOU!!! The mats are wonderful and fit perfectly; a true 8 x 12 mat would have been very difficult to work with, but the two 6 x 8's fit and are easier to manipulate. Thank you for getting them here in such a rush! I am not sure you even charged me a rush shipping rate - do I owe you some money???

Thank you also for including the letter of Hashgacha, which your literature said repeatedly was "available on request."

All told, from the first time I put up the sukkah with the kit I bought from you 5 or so years ago, to this year when I enlarged it and went to the Schach mats, it has been wonderful!!! I and my family and guests are going to have a much better Sukkot because of all your help!
Michael Estner, Jacksonville, FL

We were SO thrilled & proud of our sukkah! We invited everyone we could think of to come & share a meal with us before, during & after the holiday. We reluctantly took it down & look forward to erecting it again in the fall. We used PVC white lattice around the top & highly recommend its use. It is lightweight, weatherproof & bright. We are also proud of our overhead light which cost us $7.52 at Home Depot but was an impressive & useful addition. Thank you for your hard work on the Sukkah Project. I have recommended this kit to everyone & hope other families will make this the year that they actually make a sukkah in place of wishing & hoping for one.
Karen Sacks, Wynnewood PA

We were 100% pleased with the sukkah kit that you sent us.  It was easy to put up, and looked great.  We had a lot of guests all week.  On the yom tovim, I sat in the sukkah and invited a lot of people walking by into our sukkah for some cake and lechayim.  You are to be commended for putting together such a great kit, with such helpful instructions, at a very affordable price.  I am sure you are helping to increase the observance of the Festival.
Jacob Menashe, Seattle WA area

Hello Steve!  Thank you for your great sukkah kits.  My sukkah (up for the third year running) is wonderful, the best we have ever had.  My synagogue's sukkah, built for the second time is great.  Everyone is so excited.  We sold a few more of your kits this year.  Next year we expect to get you a lot more orders.  Kol Hakavod!!
Rabbi Eitan J. Weiner-Kaplow
Shir Hadash Reconstructionist Synagogue, Northbrook, IL

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the ease with which I could put up the sukkah.  As someone who considers himself mechanically challenged I was amazed at how easy and actually fun it was to put it together.  It was a real family project.  It was the first time we put up a sukkah and are thoroughly enjoying it.  Thanks again.
Steve Gerber, MD 

Thanks so much for the Sukkah Project.  It really enabled us to celebrate Sukkot to the fullest.  Your instructions were great. I have enclosed annotations to them. Perhaps my notes can improve them more.
Judah Levine, Newton MA

Enclosed is a photo of me inside the sukkah I made from your kit. I have the following suggestion:  In windy climates use lace tablecloths as wall coverings--the wind blows through it and the sukkah doesn't fall over.  I used all grape vines for the roof. My husband and children said the sukkah was the MOST BEAUTIFUL they have ever seen.
Cathy Brown, Linwood MI

I want to thank you. Your kit was truly klutz proof.   ...We were rained out most of the holiday but it looked great from the house!
Mark Lipton, Virginia Beach VA

Yasher ko'ah for a lovely sukkah.  We are thoroughly satisfied with the product and your directions.
Rabbi Allen Darnov

Just wanted you to know that our family is thrilled with our 8x12 sukkah & we thank you for your insightful & organized manual. It truly is a "klutz-proof" sukkah!!!
Susan, Howard, Jeffrey & Nancy Levinson, Dallas PA

Thank you! The kits are great!!
Rabbi Howard Jaffe,  Temple Har Shalom, Warren, NJ

Just a note to tell you how much we enjoyed our "Sukkah Project" --so much
so that we bought two of them and erected one at my son's elementary school and one at our house! ...neither my husband nor I would be considered "handy" in any way (my husband does have a toolbox, but not much is in it) and we managed to put up both sukkot without any problems. ...I highly recommend the "Sukkah Project" and will pass on the word!
Kathi Surian Cramer, Austin TX

The sukkah kit was great! My 15 year old daughter and a friend built it and it turned out terrifically. We volunteered to be part of our synagogue's Sukkah Tour on Sunday and so about 45 people came by to admire it and nosh. ...So thanks! I always wanted a sukkah.
Judith Beck, Bala Cynwyd PA

A plug for the sukkah kits. We sold 16 of them this year, and all who purchased them were delighted. They are attractive and easy to put up. You can customize them larger or smaller, depending on your space and number of Ushpizim you intend to invite.
Jonathan Miller (posted on the Internet, 10-4-96)

I just want to let you know how pleased we are with the brand new beautiful sukkah we purchased from you. ...The congregation is thrilled and the children love it too.
Rabbi Robert J. Ratner, Congregation Beth Ha Tephila, Asheville, NC

...[thanks] for sending the kit promptly. We had a great break-the-fast, and assembled the entire sukkah that night. It was a wonderful experience.
Eric Simon, Vienna VA

Just a note to thank you for the great sukkah! We had a blast building it and celebrating in it too. What a great family--and neighborhood--extravaganza we had.
Robin Hollander, Englewood NJ

We are delighted with our [23] sukkot and it has been a pleasure working with you.
Linda Fisher, Director-San Antonio [TX] Association for Jewish Education

As new members of our community and congregation, having relocated from Durham, building your kit and inviting new friends from our shul was a great way to build lasting friendships! Thanks a lot!
Peter, Lisa and Zachary Brauer, Minneapolis, Mn

Ya'asher koach! Great kit. Thanks!
Paul Storch, St. Paul MN

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