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All Sukkot pictured here were constructed using Sukkah Project Kits (except two; can you tell which they are?). . We love to get photos! Send digital pics to or snapshots to:

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Shomrei Torah West Hills, CA

Shomrei Torah, West Hills, CA
Congregation Beth Israel - Charlottesville, VA   Congregation Beth Israel - Charlottesville, VA      

Congregation Beth Israel - Charlottesville, VA
Brenner Sukkah

Brenner Family Sukkah
Kellner Family Sukkah Tubular

Kellner Family Sukkah - Tubular
Nussbaum  Family Sukkah Hand-Painted Mural

Nussbaum Family Sukkah with a Hand-Painted Mural
Rivka Sari's Sukkah

Rivka Sari's Sukkah
Sukkeleh Decorated by Adrienne Spira

Sukkeleh Decorated by Adrienne Spira

Creative Lighting the Fisher Family Sukkah

B'nai Israel Congregation in Clearwater, FL

Zighelboim Sukkah in Santiago Chile

Talby Gelb Sukkah

Rhonda's Sukkah

Mingler Sukkah

Maniker-Leiter Sukkah

Jillian's Sukkah

Gordon Sukkah

Corn Stalk Sukkah

Brauner Sukkah

Aretz Sukkah

Chavurah in Iraq 2007

Congregation Beth Am
The Sukkah Project

Chahash'oh (Navajo Shade Structure at Monument Valley, UT)


Estner Sukkah with Annex


Congregation Beth Shalom's Big Sukkah


Effress Sukkah Party


Eastern Tennessee State Hillel Sukkah

The Fisher's Sukkah with Decorative Lights

Inside The Greenfield's Sukkah

Kellman Sukkah

Meltzer Sukkah

Rotter Family Sukkah

Sherl 12 x 18 Tubular Sukkah

16 x 24 Wood Frame Sukkah

"Building a Sukkah is Not Very Hard"
A short film by Rabbi Lawrence Freedman, Temple Sinai, Pittsburgh, PA
Click [>] to Play.

Greenberg Sukkah

Baruch Sukkah

Congregation B'nai Israel

Ezzes Sukkah

Goldman Sukkah

Temple Emunah

Rabbi Perkin's Wild Turkey Refuge

Winchell Sukkah

Winograd Sukkah


Two Chamber Sukkah from Sukkah Project
2 Chamber Sukkah

The Acadian Sukkah

Lattice Sukkah

Avi Steinlauf's Sukkah

Snowed-In Sukkah

Sukkah By The Lake

"Our Own" Sukkah

Shomrei Torah 16x40 Sukkah

Sukkah with a Fountain

Our Backwoods 8x8 Sukkah

The Heaphy Family Sukkah

The Sukkaleh

The Mendel Sukkah

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