Not sure what size s’chach mats you need for your sukkah? 

Click here for our sizing guide!

We offer high quality, easy-to-use bamboo s’chach mats for the best price around! These mats are custom-made for The Sukkah Project® with the specific purpose of being used as s’chach mats for the roof of your sukkah. They are certified kosher by STAR-K.

Our convenient mats consist of bamboo slats woven with durable, weatherproof monofilament string, with sturdy bamboo sticks woven in every two feet to provide stability. With proper care you can expect these bamboo s’chach mats to provide many years of use.

The first dimension listed below is the width of the mat; the second dimension is the length they roll out to. S’chach mats must be oriented so that they roll out parallel with the support beams underneath.

Kosher Bamboo S’chach Mats are available in the following sizes:

Not sure what size s’chach mats you need for your sukkah? Click here for our sizing guide!

Kosher Bamboo S’chach Mats from The Sukkah Project®