Panoramic Sukkah Walls

If you can’t be in Israel for Sukkot, bring Israel to your sukkah!

Are you ready to upgrade your sukkah walls and spend your Sukkot immersed in an Israeli vista of your choice? If you already own a Sukkah Project® tubular sukkah frame, you’ve come to the right place! (If you need a tubular sukkah frame AND Panoramic Sukkah walls, head to our Panoramic Sukkah Kit page to get the whole shebang.)

Imagine stepping into your Sukkah this chag and being transported to the land of Israel! Imagine the delighted surprise on your guests’ faces when they step into your sukkah and discover that their holiday meal is being served in the Kotel Plaza, or Machane Yehuda Market, or the Negev Desert! Imagine the simcha (joy) and hidur mitzvah (beautifying the commandments) of eating and hosting and sleeping and dwelling in your sukkah for seven days and nights surrounded by a beautiful Israeli vista!

Here at The Sukkah Project®, we are committed to offering our customers unique opportunities for hidur mitzvat sukkah (beautifying the commandment of dwelling in the sukkah). As part of our long-standing tradition of partnering with top Judaica artists, the Sukkah Project® is happy to be working with Eliyahu Ben Ze’ev to offer our customers these beautiful Panoramic Sukkah Walls.

Whisk your family and guests to Israel for Sukkot with the Panoramic Sukkah—a fabric sukkah wall printed 360 degrees and floor-to-s’chach (ceiling) with a beautiful panoramic image of Israel.

Panoramic Sukkah Features:

  • The image is printed floor-to-s’chach along the entire length of all four sukkah walls for a truly immersive experience!
  • The Panoramic Sukkah Wall is printed on fabric that is semi-translucent; the sukkah illuminates in daylight, and the look and feel of it shifts subtly throughout the day as the sun moves through the sky.
  • The Panoramic Sukkah is printed on outdoor banner fabric—a durable, mold-resistant polyester that drapes beautifully and feels substantial and luxurious!
  • The high-quality, eco-sensitive, permanent inks used to print the Panoramic Sukkah create a rich, vibrant image.  The print is waterproof and UV-stable, and it will last for many years of Sukkot holidays without fading.
  • The Panoramic Sukkah Wall is sized to fit perfectly on your existing Sukkah Project® tubular metal sukkah frame.
  • The Panoramic Sukkah wall-fabric has sturdy stainless steel grommets along its perimeter, making it simple to hang with the Sukkah Project’s elastic bungee loops.

View a Panoramic Sukkah photo gallery and customer testimonials here!

Panoramic Sukkah Walls are available to fit the following Sukkah Project® tubular sukkah-frames:

8×8 Panoramic Sukkah Walls

8×12 Panoramic Sukkah Walls

8×16 Panoramic Sukkah Walls

12×12 Panoramic Sukkah Walls

12×16 Panoramic Sukkah Walls

16×16 Panoramic Sukkah Walls

Custom Sized Panoramic Sukkah Walls

Choose from one of these 5 beautiful images:

Kotel at Night (click to view larger image)
Shuk Machane Yehuda (click to view larger image)
Banias (click to view larger image)
Jerusalem Skyline (click to view larger image)
Kadesh Barne’a in the Negev Desert (click to view larger image)