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Celebrating of serving the Jewish community!

Celebrating of serving the Jewish community!

8x8 Frame-Only Sukkah Kit

From: $298.00

Includes everything except the wall material (bamboo roof poles, bungees, etc. are included).

Add optional components below:

4x8 Bamboo S'chach Roof Mat × 2

Insufficient stock (only 1 left in stock)

Zippered Sukkah Storage Bag

Stores fittings, bungees and manual.

Out of stock

Long Sukkah Storage Bag

Stores steel pipes & bamboo poles.

Out of stock

Short Storage Bag

Stores Bamboo S'chach Mats.

Stakes (set of 4)

Used for wind protection on penetrable surfaces (grass, dirt, etc.)

Out of stock

Sandbags (set of 4)

Used for wind protection on hard surfaces (concrete, wood deck, stone patio, etc.)

Out of stock

LED Sukkah Lights

Durable, convenient and affordable LED Sukkah Lights will add a beautiful glow to your sukkah for evening meals and enjoyment.

Out of stock

Insufficient stock

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