Affordable, klutz-proof sukkah kits since 5757

Celebrating of serving the Jewish community!

Celebrating of serving the Jewish community!

About Us

Since 5757 (1996) our Klutz-Proof Sukkah kits have enabled thousands of families, congregations, and schools to build sturdy, affordable sukkot in a variety of sizes and styles. Our sukkah kits require no construction skill or expertise and are designed with the novice builder in mind.

We offer two types of sukkah kits:

The Sukkah Project® Tubular Sukkah KitsThe TUBULAR sukkah is built with strong yet lightweight steel tubing. The frame connects together with special steel fittings which require no tools at all. The included SukkahScreen™ or canvas wall tarps are then wrapped around the frame and affixed top and bottom with bungee loops. Tubular sukkah kits include pre-cut lengths of steel tubing, steel connectors, wall material (with attachment bungees), bamboo roof support slats (with attachment bungees) and instructions—everything you need to build a complete sukkah except the s’chach, which can be gathered locally or purchased as an add-on in the form of Bamboo S’chach Roof Mats.

The WOOD-FRAME sukkah is built with common 2×4 lumber linked together using a set of special steel connectors. The only tool needed is a cordless or electric drill with a screwdriver bit. Kits include a set of connectors, screws, and an illustrated klutz-proof Assembly Manual. Lumber is not included, but is purchased locally using the Lumber List provided to save on shipping costs. The walls of the wood-frame sukkah can be covered with a wide choice of materials including fabric, wood lattice, tarps, or plywood. A specially-designed, durable wall covering called SukkahScreen™ can be purchased from us along with the kits. We also offer Bamboo S’chach Mats for the roof of your sukkah.

Our kits come in a number of sizes to suit almost every need. We also produce custom kits tailored to meet your unique size requirements. Contact us here to inquire about a custom-size sukkah.

At every step we have obtained knowledgeable Rabbinic advice to be sure that the products we offer meet all halachic requirements. Our Wood-Frame and Tubular Sukkah Kits have been purchased and used by many Reform, Conservative and Orthodox congregations. Our bamboo s’chach mats are certified kosher by Star-K.

Our History:

Back in the late 80’s Rabbi Steve Sager of Beth El Synagogue in Durham NC asked Steve Herman, the founder of The Sukkah Project®, if he would design a simple do-it-yourself sukkah kit for members of the community who wished to have a sukkah but had no experience with building things. The kit he came up with proved extremely popular with the local community, and soon requests were also coming in from far off places.

Recognizing that a widespread need existed for a good affordable sukkah kit, Steve and his wife Judith launched a business selling kits nationwide through mail order and eventually the Internet. What started as a sideline project with one product has evolved into a full time family business offering a full catalog of unique items for the observance of Sukkot!

In 2015, Steve’s brother Ben, his wife Sandra, and their son Abram took over operation of The Sukkah Project®, ensuring that it will continue to serve the needs of our customers for many years to come. We are now based in the beautiful state of Colorado; send us an email if you’d like to stop by sometime!

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THANK YOU to all of our customers for another great Sukkot season! We're taking some time to recuperate after the hectic busy season, so orders placed at this point may not be shipped for several days. If you need something urgently please contact us, and we'll let you know how quickly we can get it sent out.Contact Us