Wood-Frame Sukkah Kits

Our wood-frame sukkah kits are built with common 2×4 lumber linked together using a set of special steel connectors. The only tool needed is a cordless or electric drill with a screwdriver bit. Kits include a set of connectors, screws, and an illustrated klutz-proof Assembly Manual. Lumber is not included but is purchased locally using the Lumber List provided, to save on shipping costs (all kits use standard-sized lumber, available at almost any home improvement store or lumberyard). The walls of the wood-frame sukkah can be covered with a wide choice of materials including fabric, wood lattice, tarps, or plywood. A specially designed, durable wall covering called SukkahScreen™ can be purchased from us along with the kits. We also offer Bamboo S’chach Mats for the roof of your sukkah.

We offer wood-frame sukkah kits in the following sizes:
8'x8'Seats 6-7 Buy Now
8'x12'Seats 8-10 Buy Now
8'x16'Seats 12-14 Buy Now
12'x12'Seats 12-14 Buy Now
12'x16'Seats 16-20 Buy Now
16'x16'Seats 24-28 Buy Now
16'x24'Seats 36-40 Buy Now
16'x32'Seats 48-54 Buy Now
16'x40'Seats 60-70 Buy Now

Looking for a size that’s not listed here? Email us for guidance on customizing one of our standard wood-frame kits to your preferred size.

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We're getting ready for Sukkot 2020/5781! You may see items out of stock right now, but rest assured we'll have everything restocked for the coming chag. Please feel free to contact us if there's something you're waiting on, and we'll let you know when it's available to order!