Wood-Frame Sukkah Kits

The Sukkah Project® Wood-Frame Sukkah KitsOur wood-frame sukkah kits are built with common 2×4 lumber linked together using a set of special steel connectors. The only tool needed is a cordless or electric drill with a screwdriver bit. Kits include a set of connectors, screws, and an illustrated klutz-proof Assembly Manual. Lumber is not included but is purchased locally using the Lumber List provided, to save on shipping costs (all kits use standard-sized lumber, available at almost any home improvement store or lumberyard). The walls of the wood-frame sukkah can be covered with a wide choice of materials including fabric, wood lattice, tarps, or plywood. A specially designed, durable wall covering called SukkahScreen™ can be purchased from us along with the kits. We also offer Bamboo S’chach Mats for the roof of your sukkah.

We offer wood-frame sukkah kits in the following sizes:

Looking for a size that’s not listed here? Email us for guidance on customizing one of our standard wood-frame kits to your preferred size.