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Celebrating of serving the Jewish community!

Celebrating of serving the Jewish community!

Tubular Sukkah Kits

Our tubular sukkah kits are built with strong yet lightweight steel tubing. The frame connects together with special steel fittings which require no tools at all. The included SukkahScreen™ or canvas wall tarps are then wrapped around the frame and affixed top and bottom with bungee loops. Tubular sukkah kits include pre-cut lengths of steel tubing, steel connectors, wall material (with attachment bungees), bamboo roof support slats (with attachment bungees) and instructions—everything you need to build a complete sukkah except the s’chach, which can be gathered locally or purchased as an add-on in the form of Bamboo S’chach Roof Mats.

We offer tubular sukkah kits in the following sizes:​
Expansion Kit (for existing Sukkah Project® sukkah kits)Depends on current Sukkah BUY NOW
Six-Sided Sukkah Kit with 6′ wide wallsSeats 6-7 BUY NOW
Six-Sided Sukkah Kit with 8′ wide wallsSeats 8-10 BUY NOW
6’x8′Seats 5 BUY NOW
8’x8′Seats 6-7 BUY NOW
8’x8′ EZ-Store (all components are ~4′ or shorter when disassembled)Seats 6-7 BUY NOW
8’x12′Seats 10 BUY NOW
8’x16′Seats 14 BUY NOW
12’x12′Seats 14 BUY NOW
12'x16'Seats 16-20 BUY NOW
12’x24′Seats 24 BUY NOW
16’x16′Seats 28 BUY NOW
16’x24′Seats 40 BUY NOW
24’x24′Seats 80 BUY NOW
24’x36′Seats 120 BUY NOW
24’x48′Seats 160 BUY NOW
36’x36′Seats 200 BUY NOW
Custom-Sized Sukkah Kits (big or small!)Depends on size ordered BUY NOW
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