Six-Sided Sukkah Kit (6′ wide walls)



This original Sukkah Project® design provides a deeply spiritual space containing ample room for dining, relaxing, schmoozing… even sleeping! The Six-Sided Sukkah Kit is every bit as easy to build and store as our four-sided models, and also includes a conveniently secured door flap for privacy.

Assembled footprint is approximately 10’x12′.
A larger version of the Six-Sided Sukkah Kit is available here.

The Six-Sided Sukkah Kit includes everything needed to construct a sukkah like the one shown:

• Pre-cut lengths of galvanized steel tubing
• Welded steel corner fittings
• SukkahScreen or canvas wall material & elastic bungees
• Bamboo roof slats with attachment bungees
• Klutz-Proof Assembly Manual


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