LED Sukkah Lights


New this year! These durable, convenient and affordable LED Sukkah Lights will add a beautiful glow to your sukkah for evening meals and enjoyment.

Each set of Sukkah Lights is 48′ long and contains 15 energy-efficient LED bulbs which emit a warm, pleasant white glow. The bulbs are made with ultra-clear plastic, which is ideal both for its strength and to eliminate the hazard of broken glass shards.

Reusable zip ties are included, allowing you to easily hang the lights in your sukkah.

LED Sukkah Lights can be linked together for larger sukkot. One set of Sukkah Lights should be plenty for any sukkah up to an 8×16 or 12×12. You may want to get more than one set for optimum visibility in larger sukkah kit sizes.


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