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Celebrating of serving the Jewish community!

Celebrating of serving the Jewish community!

Banner - "Eitz Chayim"


A beautiful banner designed by Julie Staller-Pentelnik, digitally printed on weather-proof fabric suitable for outdoor exposure. Banner is 20″ wide and 32″ high, with dowel pockets at the top & bottom for hanging (dowels included).

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New this year! “Eitz Chayim” by Julie Staller-Pentelnik is an original piece painted in liquid inks on watercolor paper. It is an imaginative interpretation of the verse: “It is a Tree of Life to those who hold it fast and all who cling to it are happy”, referring to the Torah.

Working from her home studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, Julie meets with clients in person or by phone to create personalized pieces; from Ketubot – illuminated marriage documents – to custom one-of-a-kind pieces celebrating other life cycle events, such as births, anniversaries and more. She has also created many limited edition prints and items of Judaica. These pieces represent the symbolism and beauty offered within Jewish texts and prayer.

“I want to update the idea of Jewish art by using rich colors, organic elements and a contemporary interpretation as I develop each piece. I enjoy creating Judaic art because it connects people to our heritage in a way that is meaningful and beautiful at the same time.”


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