esrog, etrog, esrogim, etrogThe fruity citrus fragrance of esrogim makes for a tasty and refreshing soda! You’ll need a soda maker or a whipping siphon to carbonate your esrog soda. If you don’t have a way to carbonate your own soda you can simply add some of the esrog syrup to club soda, but the result won’t be quite the same as making your own.
You will also need to start by making the Candied Esrog Recipe to get your esrog syrup (see step 6).


esrog, etrog, esrogim, etrogim1. Combine esrog syrup, water, and malic/citric acids (optional) to taste. If you want it sweeter add more esrog syrup; if you’d like it less sweet use less esrog syrup.

2. Chill well. Cold liquids will hold more carbon dioxide in solution, and will result in a more carbonated soda.

3. Carbonate the chilled soda mixture according to the manufacturer’s instructions for your carbonating device.

4. Pour yourself a glass, sit back on a hot day, and enjoy!