Most affordable kosher bamboo s'chach mats (or skhakh, schakh, s'chach, sechach, sekhakh)

6×12 Bamboo S’chach Roof Mat


Mat is 6′ wide and rolls out to 12′ length. Certified kosher by Blue Ribbon Kosher.

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Mat is 6′ wide and rolls out to 12′ length.

Please see our sizing guide before purchasing bamboo s’chach roof mats for your Sukkah Project™ sukkah kit!

The roof covering (s’chach) of a sukkah is one of the most critical parts — it must be of plant material and provide more shade than sun, but not block out the stars.

Sukkah Project™ kits provide a roof support system of bamboo roof slats designed to be covered with organic greenery that you collect yourself, or our easy-to-use roll-up Bamboo S’chach Roof Mats. Our convenient mats consist of bamboo slats woven with durable, weatherproof monofilament string, with sturdy bamboo sticks woven in every 2 ft. to provide stability.  With proper care you can expect these s’chach mats to provide many years of use.


Same high quality as ever—you will not find a better deal on kosher s’chach mats!

Our mats are designed and produced exclusively for use as sukkah roofing (s’chach), and carry a Certification of Kashrut from Blue Ribbon Kosher

Click HERE to see our Blue Ribbon Kosher Certificate 


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