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Celebrating of serving the Jewish community!

Celebrating of serving the Jewish community!

Jewish Blessing Flags


This unique set of Jewish Blessing Flags will bring beauty and blessings to your sukkah! The banners are made in Nepal using Fair Trade practices, and inspired by the ubiquitous Tibetan prayer flags. Our Jewish Blessing Flags are composed of seven individual 8.5″x10.5″ flags, each reflecting a key Jewish value:

  • Ahavah (Love)
  • Rachamim (Compassion)
  • Chesed (Lovingkindness)
  • Shalom (Peace, Wholeness)
  • Refuah (Healing)
  • Kavod (Respect)
  • Tzedek (Justice)

The colors and imagery of the Jewish Blessing Flags are based on ancient Jewish tradition (Exodus 28:1-8, 33-34). The High Priest’s garments were primarily blue, purple, and scarlet, and the tunic hem was adorned with embroidered bells and pomegranates. The hamsa (hand image) is a symbol of blessing and protection in many Near and Middle Eastern traditions, including Judaism. Also known as the “Hand of Miriam”, it is often used for protection in amulets and other ritual items. Five (hamesh in Hebrew) represents the five books of the Torah.

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Fair Trade Judaica is building a fair trade movement in the Jewish community, linking Jewish values of human dignity, self-sufficiency, and environmental sustainability with fair trade standards assuring fair and livable wages, no child labor, healthy and safe working conditions.


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