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Celebrating of serving the Jewish community!

Celebrating of serving the Jewish community!

Sandbags (set of 4)


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Set of four sturdy, reusable sand bags with cable ties & elastic bungees for attaching the bag to your sukkah’s posts. Each bag will hold 30 lbs. of sand (sand not included). Can be used with Wood-Frame and Tubular Sukkah Kits.

Wind Protection for the Sukkah:

By definition a sukkah is a temporary structure vulnerable to the elements, but it’s still a drag if your sukkah takes off in a windstorm! If the sukkah is located where exposure to strong winds is a possibility, we advise anchoring the frame to the ground.

If erected on grass or bare ground, stakes can be driven at each corner and tied to the frame, or sandbags filled with sand or gravel (not included) can be attached to the bottom of each cornerpost. Sandbags can be used on any surface, and are the best alternative on pavement, stone or decks.

For family-sized sukkahs, one stake or sandbag at each cornerpost will suffice. Larger sukkahs should have one at the base of each wall post as well. If you’re not sure how many sets of stakes or sandbags you need, feel free to contact us!

Sold in sets of 4.


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