Banner set - "Esteemed Visitors"

Save $20 when purchasing “Ushpizin” and “Ushpizot” banners as a set! These beautiful banners designed by Galia Goodman are digitally printed on weather-proof fabric suitable for outdoor exposure. Banners are 20″ wide and 40″ high, with dowel pockets at the top & bottom for hanging (dowels included).

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“Ushpizot” (2002) and”Ushpizin” (2002/2014) by Galia Goodman of Durham, NC together honor 14 matriarchs and patrarchs whose spirits we invite to visit us in the sukkah:  Sarah, Deborah, Rebecca, Miriam, Leah, Rachel, Esther, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, & David. The original works are traditional papercuts with ink overlay.

Galia Goodman has been a working artist and calligrapher for over 25 years.  Self-taught, her work now hangs in homes, synagogues, churches, and universities around the world.  She specializes in Judaica, notably Ketubot, and her style is eclectic, ranging from traditional papercut to brilliantly-colored abstract collage.  Galia tells us “My favorite collaborations are the banners I have created for the Sukkah Project®”.


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